You turned your back on me n I’m still caught up in the mix. God damn, ain’t that some shit…

Hbd bro

Something about rough seas, lost ships, lighthouses, anchors, guidance and direction. ⚓️ #butyouwillneverunderstand

Telling someone they suck is the best thing you can do for them…good or bad, they’ll use it. With that said, you all fucking suck. And shout out to all the girls that follow me on the gram even tho gotta boyfriend. #sundaze

I still love this shit that’s why I never left. Rethink the bullshit n make a way.

Man it’s been awhile. Seems like something’s been missing in my life, I could tell you a million things I want but I’m pretty sure I NEED something beyond that. I’m still here, still ridin on this rough ass, endless fuckin road. I don’t know where the fuck the destination is but god damn it’s been quite a journey thus far. More to say, even much more on my mind, but I’ll leave it at that.


580 commute life.