This place…

8AM. #pointlobos #hyperlapse #timelapse

I miss this shit just like how I missed you… #twentyfive8


2008. #been

When my hope was low, I found light within. I know it’s ups n downs but every loss I took I knew to strike again.

This exceeds the amount of high I planned on being.

We grit our teeth n work through it all day, push forward through the pain, never show it on your face, let em know we ain’t afraid, from the bottom lookin up… #littlehilleasyday

i thought about us today, how we were, how it was, and how we are now. seems like life really pissed on us this time huh? i don’t know, maybe we were doomed from the beginning, maybe it was just me. i didn’t know how to react, i guess i wasn’t in a good place at the time but i swear to god everything felt right with you. although things between us aren’t the same anymore, i can never forget everything we’ve experienced with each other. you always kept it real wit me and i appreciated that on levels that can’t even be put into words. you were somethin different, i thought you’d be the one to save me from myself, but you ended up saving yourself from me.

Feelin like shit, just another one of them days. #ootd